Household Member Harmony

Of all the Soul’s Home® ingredients, Household Member Harmony is the most desired but hardest to achieve. It’s challenging to live with others! So, why go to the trouble? Because living together can feed our souls. Watch to find out how to bring household member harmony into your home.

Got Pesky Household Members?

Got Pesky Household Members?

What do you do in the heat of the moment

What Do You Do in the Heat of the Moment?

The Cat That Saved A Life

The Cat that Saved a Life

Is Neat Good and Messy Bad

Should You be Neat and Tidy? Debunking the Myth – Neat is Good and Messy is Bad.


Could Redecorating Strengthen Your Marriage? How Our Décor Brought Eric and I Closer.


Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget these Soul’s Home® Ingredients for a Great Thanksgiving Feast!

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Shacking Up

Shacking Up: How to Know if Living Together Before Marriage is Soulful.

Buying A House Together Without Being Married

Should You Buy A House Together Without Being Married? A Guide to A Soulful Approach.

Move out of your parent's house

Is it Time to Move Out of Your Parent’s House? How to Know When You Should Move Out?

Should You Kick Your Adult Children Out of Your House?

Adult Children Living at Home: A Soulful Guide to Knowing When it’s Time to Let Them Go.