Is Moving to the “Best” School District Bad for Your Kids? A Guide to Finding a Home in a School District that Will Nourish Everyone’s Souls.

Is moving to the “best” school district bad for your kids?  

As parents, part of our soul’s purpose is to empower our children to live their soul’s purposeAnd school plays a big part in this. Likely, you’ll consider school safety, test scores, class sizes, teacher attitudes, classroom behavior, extra-curricular activities, college attendance and affordability. While these factors are all important, to make the most soulful choice for your child, the location, community AND home must feed YOUR soul too.  

When I do Soul’s Home® Alignment Plans and workshops, parents often express despair over sacrificing feeding their own souls to live in a better school district. This can be bad for your kids in a few ways. 

– First, the example you provide will impact your child more than their school. It’s easier for your children to grow up living their soul’s purposes, if they see you living yours.  

– Second, when your soul isn’t fed, you have less loving energy for your children. 

– Third, you risk harming your relationship if you accuse your kids of being ungrateful after ALL you’ve done for them. And when you live in a neighborhood where you don’t feel like you fit in, your kids will likely feel that way too, breeding insecurities. 

To avoid these pitfalls, ask your ego to investigate all your options then ask your soul to choose the one that will best feed everyone’s souls. If the school, community, location and house aren’t ALL ideal, ask your soul for the spiritual purpose of the “deficiency”. 

For example, if your soul leads you to a better school in the suburbs while you prefer the city, maybe you take regular trips to the city to feed your soulIf your soul calls you to the city and you’re not happy with the school, maybe you’re called to volunteer to make it a better place for everyone’s kids. I hope you’ll be able to find a home in a school district that will nourish everyone’s souls

If you need help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to speak with you. Just click Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call. 

Next month, we’ll ask if it’s better to renovate or sell? Until next time, I wish you well on your journey. 

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