Shacking Up: How to Know if Living Together Before Marriage is Soulful

Is shacking up soulful?  

While some consider cohabitation before marriage living in sin, it’s important to tune into YOUR soul to know if living together is right for you. First, ask if your souls are already married. That may seem like an odd question but my husband and I felt “married” long before our wedding day. 

On the other hand, there are legal marriages between people whose souls aren’t married. When your souls are married, the spiritual purpose of living together is to feed each other’s souls so you may more fully live your purpose. Living together, however, is the hardest part of marriage so you may not want to do it without the benefit of legal marriage. 

sometimes joked that if my husband and I didn’t have to live together we’d have the perfect marriage – to which he agrees. That’s because we weren’t always on the same page about money, which way the toilet paper should be hung or the children. Ican take years to get in sync. 

If you’re thinking of shacking up and have neither a soul marriage nor a legal marriage, then what would be the purpose of living together? Saving money? Sharing household chores? Convenient sex? Avoiding commitment? Chasing after commitment? 

Without a soul marriage, living together is likely to feed your ego rather than your soul keeping both of you from living your soul’s purpose. I hope that whether youre legally married or not, you’ll be able to live with people that feed your soul so you can fully live your soul’s purpose. 

Next week, we’ll explore the complications of buying a house together without being married. Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.    

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