What Do You Do in the Heat of the Moment? How to Let Go of Your Ego and Let Your Soul Take Over

What do you do in the heat of the moment?

About 30 years ago, I set out to change how I felt and what I did in the heat of the moment. You know what I mean – someone’s trying to pick a fight with you or says something totally off base or is in distress and your ego provides a knee jerk reaction that makes things worse!   

I hated those situations because I’d be left with a lingering feeling of inadequacy. So, I devised a plan. Whenever I’m in the heat of the moment, I say to myself, “May my soul’s expression easily flow through my thoughts, feelings, words and actions.” I repeat it over and over until the response just naturally flows. It’s an odd experience because the right words will just come out of my mouth without me even thinking them first.   

To do this, let go of your ego and allow your soul to take over. Allow yourself to be a puppet controlled by your soul. Saying, “May my soul’s expression easily flow through my thoughts, feelings, words and actions,” puts your ego on notice that it’s time to step back and let your soul take over.

This has never failed me. Whenever I remember to repeat that phrase, I always move forward in a way that feels aligned with my soul. The hardest part is remembering to say the phrase in the heat of the moment. But when I do, I always feel relieved and the best of outcomes result for both me and the other person. 

I’d love for you to try this at home and if you feel so moved, write about your experience below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll talk about what to do when you have the “I’ve got too much to do blues.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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