Is it Time to Move Out of Your Parent’s House? How to Know When You Should Move Out?

Is it time to move out of your parent’s house? 

There’s no magic answer to when it’s time to leave your parent’s house. It depends on you, your family and the house. In general, when you feel that you’re being held back or holding others back it’s time to move on. 

During the adulting phase, the spiritual purpose of your life is about becoming independent and “finding yourself.” While leaving your parents home can help, it may not be time for you now.   

How do you know when it’s time to goAsk yourself these questions to get clarity:

 Are you your best self at home? 

– Do you feel like you can’t be you?  

– Do you need to move out to find yourself? 

– Are you clear about what you want to do and your parent’s home is providing the support and stability you need as you seek the right opportunity 

– Is there conflict at home that’s better left behind 

Is staying helping to heal childhood wounds?

– Are you selling yourself short by free loading 

– Are you contributing to the household?  

– Are you stuck because you’re afraid to venture out on your own

– Are you actively preparing to become independent 

– Does your soul call you to stay to help take care of others in the house

– Are you cleared for takeoff?   

– Can you support yourself financially

– Does staying give you breathing room until you have the income and savings to move 

Sit with your answers then ask your soul what it’s calling you to do. If it’s time to gotake a moment to feel gratitude for your parents who’ve allowed you to live there until it was time to go. If it’s not time to go, be clear about why you are staying and how you can use this time to find yourself and prepare for independence. 

Next week, we’ll look at this from your parent’s angle. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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