“I just can’t thank you enough for finding me the perfect place to live! Every time I sit here and look out the window, I think of you… thank you!!! Seriously, I never want to go out… I love being here!”


Susan S.


“Suzanne, I am so grateful for your guidance through this process. Because of you, I realized I wasn’t ready to sell my house. Because of you, I found a great designer. Because of you, I will have great joy in my living situation. Thanks so much!! I so much appreciate what you have done.”


Jim K.


 “Your session on Soul’s Home® was timely, and heartwarming, and really has opened me up to a new way of living and appreciating my home. While the purpose of my home was only partially visible for me, the crazy thing is that deep down I’ve always known what I should be doing with my domestic space to be able to start living in it the way that speaks to my soulI’m just so thankful we met at the time we did. ”


Kelley F. 


“Just wanted to thank you for the session this week. It will help me so much and it is already helping me. I really love and feel comfortable with this soulful home approach. It isn’t simply a transaction but a life approach. I really feel so much more comfortable about it. And, I’m understanding why I’m at this point in my life.”


Kasia K.


“In the midst of dealing with water damage to 2 homes and resulting allergies to building products and chemicals, etc., my husband and I kept hitting roadblocks and delays in our search for “our Soul’s Home®.” Finding Suzanne and her unique business was indeed a miracle. She is a gifted intuitive and caring coach, as well as a real estate pro. After completing her custom assessment and meeting with her, Suzanne illuminated our priorities and inner longings for our lifestyle wishes, and identified desired home models for us, with careful attention to our health needs and financial comfort level. We now have the gifts of clarity, renewed hope, and confidence in our new action plan! I am confident that her wisdom and guidance will quickly lead us to the home that will indeed nurture our souls and restore our serenity. We are ever grateful and highly recommend this outstanding service!”


Gail McMeekin, Creative Success, LLC 

Passionate Mentor/Coach to Creative Professionals Cape Cod, Massachusetts 



“Suzanne Hanger, Realtor® extraordinaire, makes each of her clients feel like they are the only one. Suzanne is focused, resourceful, and optimistic. Sensitive to the dynamics of personal change, Suzanne has developed an innovative procedure that helps her clients discover the attributes of their “Souls Home®” a place personified by peace and harmony.  Connect with her and be delighted.


Tyra Garlington

Author, Talk Show Host, Inspirational Speaker 


My husband and I worked with Suzanne on the purchase of a condo. It was a lengthy process just because of the unique circumstances of the sale. From the very beginning, Suzanne stayed on top of every detail, checking in with us frequently, moving the ball a little bit further each time. She also did the same for the seller. She is compassionate, intuitive and business savvy. She has the connections in her field to solve problems that may arise. She has a keen sense of the market and stays current on market trends. Throughout our transaction Suzanne was always available and promptly returned calls. She has a positive attitude and a “can do” spirit. I would readily use her again and highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed! “


Tammy Laurent

Professional Organizer  


“Have to tell you what an amazing experience the Souls Home® Alignment Plan is. I can’t thank you enough. It is just what I needed at this point in my life’s journey. I am feeling comfortable with my current path.”


Andy F.


“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave us with your workshop We got more than we had expected from it, and our expectations were high!”


Suyan O. 



6.6% Over Asking Price 

6 Offers 

29 Days: Listing to Closing 


Winner of Competitive Bid 


13% Over Asking Price 

14 Offers 

33 Days: Listing to Closing 


Negotiated 5.6%

Under List Price