Should You Move Into Your Spouse’s House When You Get Married?

Should you move into your spouse’s house when you get married? 

Now that you’ve found your soul mate, it’s time to find your Soul’s Home®. But can your Soul’s Home® be a house your spouse already owns? That depends. 

Presumably, you’re getting married because you feed each other’s souls. Since that’s the case, start with the premise that your relationship is more important than where you live. You could live in the most perfect house but if you’re not in harmony with your spouse, that perfect house will not be your Soul’s Home®. On the other hand, you could live in a terrible house but if you are in harmony with your spouse you will feel like your soul is at home

When you marry, you’re both going from “me” to “we”. Generally, it’s better to approach finding your marital home as a “we” rather than adapting a home that was found as a “me” or worse yet a previous “we.” But sometimes, finances, a unique house or location, children or other life circumstances may make a home that one of you owns your Soul’s Home® too.   

There are three steps to hearing whether your souls are calling you to find a new house together or use one of your existing homes:

– First, tune into your soul’s purposes as individuals and as a couple. 

– Second, prioritize each of the Soul’s Home® ingredients by what you need most to feed your souls. 

– Third, determine if the existing house can meet those priorities for now. 

If it can, agree on what changes you’ll make to transform it from a “me” house to your “we” house, how you’ll share expenses, if you’ll both be on the title and when it might be time to consider moving. If an existing house can’t meet your “we” priorities, it’s time to let go and find a new house together. I hope you two soul mates find your Soul’s Home®. 

If you need help, I’d love to speak with you. Just click Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call. Next week, we’ll talk about moving in together when you’re not married by asking, “Is shacking up soulful?”. 

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.

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