Should You Buy A House Together Without Being Married? A Guide to A Soulful Approach.

Should you buy a house with a partner you’re not married to?  

Buying a house together as a married couple is complicated enough. If you’re not married, there’s even more to iron outOn top of agreeing on the house, location, sharing expenses and merging stuff, an unmarried couple faces more complex property ownership laws, judgments by others on moral and religious grounds and possibly their own commitment issues. These complexities may cloud your soul’s voice causing your ego to decide to buy together when it’s not soulful or NOT buy when it would be soulful 

So, how can you be sure you’re acting soulfully?   

– First, check out last week’s episode to see if you have a soul marriage. If you don’t, buying together isn’t likely to feed anyone’s soul.  

– Second, tune into your own soul’s purpose and spiritual purpose as a couple and agree on what you need most in a house to feed your souls. 

– Third, consult a lawyer about how you’ll address the legal gap for unmarried couples taking title to a house together. Married couples may take title so that the other gets the whole house if one of you dies and agreement is necessary to sellIn most states, there isn’t a title for unmarried couples that has both survivorship rights and requires agreement before selling so additional legal documents may be necessary. 

– Fourth, whenever you’re in disagreement or are faced with moral or commitment issues, tune into your soul to ask for the spiritual purpose of the trouble. Allow it to either strengthen your resolve to buy together or lead to marriage or simply living together or going your separate ways.  

No matter which direction you choose, I hope you’ll be able to have a home and housemates that feed your soul. If you need help on the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to speak with you. Just click Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call.  

Next time, we’ll ask whether it’s better to buy a house you love or be in a place you love. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.   

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