Could Redecorating Strengthen Your Marriage? How Our Décor Brought Eric and I Closer.

Could redecorating strengthen your marriage?

The last time we decorated, the spiritual purpose of our home was to help Eric’s children as they transitioned to adulthood, re-align our marriage in an empty nest, and develop Journey to Your Soul’s Home®. But now that the kids are independent, our marriage is stronger than ever and I’m confident in my Soul’s Home® approach, our décor didn’t reflect that

I wanted décor that aligned with our new spiritual purpose: to enjoy our strong marital union and use it to support each other in our workEric agreed and was on board with me taking time off and using $800 we’d been gifted to redecorate.  

He was thrilled to return from work to see empty spaces where cluttered family photos and art from my single years once hung. We decided where to move the décor we were keeping, and I went shopping to fill in the gaps. But as I shopped, it felt wrong to choose decor myselfI was called to choose with Eric. But I was nervous. I thought I’d have to compromise for the sake of the marriageBut when we liked the same things, I realized that I’d done our marriage a disservice.  

When I decorated my last bachelorette pad, I felt grief in anticipation that it would be the last time Id have décor I liked. I believed my future husband and I wouldn’t agree. SoI kept art from my single years and shied away from including Eric in decorating. This was my way of hanging on to the freedom and simplicity of my single life 

As our relationship strengthenedI was called to let go of the symbols of my bachelorette life. Redecorating together has allowed Eric and I to embrace our marriage on a deeper level. In a tender moment, Eric told me that we now have the home he always pictured with me. And ironically, my life feels simpler and freer than it did when I was single.  

Whether you’re married or single, I hope you have home décor that feeds your soul. Next week, we’ll talk about: Transforming our Feng Shui Money Corner

In the meantime, if you need my help hearing if your soul is calling you to re-decorate or move, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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