Adult Children Living at Home: A Soulful Guide to Knowing When it’s Time to Let Them Go.

Should you kick your adult children out of your house? The number of adult children who’ve returned home or never left has risen over the last decade, leaving some parents with a dilemma.  

If this describes you, how do you make a soulful decision about whether or not to allow your adult children to live with you? The key is to recognize whether or not you’re enabling or empowering your child by allowing them to live with you.  

Enabling encourages active addiction, free loading or constant conflict. Enabling won’t help your child become a responsible adult and starves everyone’s souls 

On the other hand, empowerment inspires your child to pursue their soul’s purpose, contribute to the household and live harmoniouslyfeeding everyone’s souls. Once fully empowered, your adult child will leave on their own when the time is right.  

If you’re nervous that will never happen, set a date in your mind that youd ask your child to start preparing to leave. Make the date far enough away for your child to be able to move out successfully and close enough to give you some comfort.  

Eric and I did this but never had to have “the conversation” because the child was long gone by our date. But having the date in our minds made our time with our child much more enjoyable.  

If you’re enabling your child, letting them go with love may be what’s most soulful for everyone. But that’s a tough pill to swallow though and not easy to carry out alone. Ask your soul if it’s the most soulful option and for guidance in finding the right people to help.  

For help unraveling this, check out the link below to the Soul’s Home® Alignment DIY. Once you do the meditations and exercises, you’ll have a clearer picture of your soul’s calling in relationship to your child. 

I hope that you’ll be able to live in harmony and empowerment with everyone in your house.

Next week, we’ll talk about the decision to move to start over. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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