About Suzanne

I feel honored that you want to know more about me! Whether you’re thinking about working with me or just curious about the woman behind this spiritual approach, these videos are for you. Here, you’ll find information about my Journey to My Soul’s Home® and how I approach working with clients to help them on their Journeys.

How to Choose a Realtor

How do You Choose a Realtor® that Will Honor Your Soul? Ask this Important Question when Choosing a Realtor®.

Holistic Real Estate Agents

Are Holistic Real Estate Agents Better than Others? A Guide to Finding What’s Right for You.

Soul’s Home® Journey

My Soul’s Home® Journey


Could Redecorating Strengthen Your Marriage? How Our Décor Brought Eric and I Closer.

Buy A Foreclosure

Want a Foreclosure? This is What Happened When My Soul Called Me to Buy a Foreclosure.

Decor and Spiritual Purpose

Does Your Décor Reflect Your Spiritual Purpose or Is it Keeping You Stuck? How to Use Decorating to Get Un-stuck.

Does a TV belong in Your Soul’s Home®?

Does a TV Belong in Your Soul’s Home®? How I Transformed My Unhealthy Relationship to TV.