Does Your Décor Reflect Your Spiritual Purpose or Is it Keeping You Stuck? How To Use Décorating To Get Un-stuck.

Does your décor reflect your spiritual purpose or is it keeping you stuck?

A couple of months ago, I was spinning the wheels on my business and problem solving was going nowhere. Then, I remembered my father’s advice about getting stuck in the snow“Spinning your wheels digs you in deeper making it hard to get out. Instead rock back and forth until you can move forward.”   

That’s the same way the Journey to Your Soul’s Home® worksYou shift your focus back and forth between your purpose and your home to move forward. It was time to shift my focus to my home.  

When we’d last decorated, the spiritual purpose of our home was to maintain a connection with Eric’s children through their college yearsre-align our marriage to an empty nest and develop my  Journey to Your Soul’s Home®. With three kids in college and my business just starting, we chose not to spend a lot of time or money decoratingI hung art from my single years even though Eric didn’t like it and put pictures of the kids everywhere so we’d feel connected to them. But now the spiritual purpose of our lives is different.

The kids are mostly independent but well connected to us, our marriage is stronger than ever and I’m confident in my Soul’s Home® approach. The new spiritual purpose of our home is to enjoy our strong marital union and use it to support each other in our work. But our home didn’t reflect that. It felt stuck in time and I felt like a fraud. How could I teach anyone how to have a Soul’s Home® if I didn’t?  

In the coming weeks, I’ll share how we fixed thatIn the meantime, if you need my help hearing if your soul is calling you to re-decorate or move, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch.  

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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