Want a Foreclosure? This is What Happened When My Soul Called Me to Buy a Foreclosure.

What happened when my soul called me to buy a foreclosure? 

Last week, we talked about how to hear your soul when your ego is tempted to get a deal on a foreclosure. I’ve had visions of transforming dilapidated neighborhoods since I was twelve and worked for a construction company, so taking on a foreclosure fits into my spiritual purpose. For me, the physical transformation that goes into turning a foreclosure into a home, leads to a spiritual transformation – a feeling that I can do anything!

In October of 2000, I bought a onebedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia from HUD for $47,000.  The walls and ceilings were stained with cigarette smoke, bad DIY paint and graffiti. The kitchen was unusable, and the bathroom had a peep hole from the closet, red and green lights and a sink clogged with 161 pennies! 

I lived in the house during the renovations eating take out, showering at the gym and brushing my teeth at the kitchen sink. My life felt upside-down because my stuff was in disarray and all I did in my “free” time was work on the house. I had no social life and forget about dating! I didn’t have the money to hire a contractor, so I did most of the work myself with the help of my parents, friends and co-workers. Having so many people helping fed my soul but it was a long and exhausting process!  

Even though I made about $100,000 when I sold it, it’s one of those things I’m glad I did but never want to do that way again. In the end, I got my Soul’s Home® and the satisfaction that I had transformed a mess into something beautiful. But I’ll never live in a house while I’m renovating again or do it myselfIt’s too disruptive and can suck the life out of  you. It wouldn’t have been worth it if it wasn’t part of my spiritual purpose 

I moved into my husband’s house from there so next week we’ll talk about how to approach the decision to move into a spouse’s house. In the meantime, if you need help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to speak with you. Just click Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.    

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