Are Holistic Real Estate Agents Better than Others? A Guide to Finding What’s Right for You.

Are holistic real estate agents better than others?

Recently, some Realtors® have begun advertising themselves as Holistic Agents. But is a holistic agent better than a traditional agent? We’re not better, we’re just different. I’ll explain how we’re different but only you can decide if a holistic agent is better for you.  

A holistic real estate agent helps make your home sale or purchase align with your mind, body and spirit.  

A holistic agent will get to know as much about you as possible to help you clarify what you need most in a home to live your best life. They’ll understand your deep desires and help guide your home buying and selling decisions so you can realize themYou’ll get all the home buying and selling services you’d expect from a Realtor® and more 

A good holistic agent will be a transactional expert so the process can move in your soul’s flow. But ultimately, they’re not helping you buy or sell a house as much as they’re helping you live your most authentic life.  

Every holistic agent has a different approach, some use Feng Shui, house clearings, psychic abilities, yoga or crystals. Others don’t advertise as holistic or use any special techniques other than outstanding communication skills and deep caring to get to the bottom of what you need most and help you get it. I use what I call soul sessions. Next week, I’ll explain how that works.

In the meantime, if you think a holistic agent might be better for you, let’s talkJust click Contact Me. 

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.

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