My Soul’s Home® Journey: How I Overcame the Challenges on the Way to My Soul’s Home®

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my Soul’s Home®.

I’ve lived in many Soul’s Homes® throughout my life but ironically, where I lived when I was developing my Soul’s Home® approach was the most challenging.

When I married my wonderful husband – Eric, his three adorable children lived part time with him and their mom in Rockville, MD, so off to Rockville, I went. Now don’t get me wrong, Rockville is a perfectly fine place, it’s just not a place Eric or I would have ever felt called to live if his children weren’t there.  

We planned to move when the kids went to college. But when the time came, I felt the kids still needed us to be in Rockville, that I had to get the business off the ground first, and that where we wanted to live, Alexandria, Virginia was too pricey. 

I hated living in Rockville but was determined to make it work because I felt I had to. So, I hired Melanie Ericksen, a soul coach, to clear away the emotional and spiritual blocks preventing me from making my business a success. Melanie was shocked to learn that while I was helping other people find their Soul’s Home®, I wasn’t living in mine. She didn’t buy any of my supposed reasons. She was sure that chapter of my life was over, it was time to go and money wouldn’t be an issue. 

Eric and I were skeptical but wanted to move so badly we figured it was worth exploring. If we rented, we could move quickly and not have to live in our house while we prepared it for sale and we’d have time to explore Alexandria before we made a commitment to buy.  

I’d liked a condo I’d showed a client on the river but it was for sale and the agent said there was no way they’d rent. But after an exhausting search we didn’t like anything more than that unit even ones that cost much more. I felt lost so, I asked for guidance from my soul. To my amazement, my soul said we’d be able to rent the unit we wanted, to stop wasting time looking and start packing. My ego thought, I’d be absolutely crazy to believe that, but I was committed to following the guidance of my soul, so I started packing.

About a month later, the Agent called. They’d decided to rent to us. We were all packed up so we moved a few weeks later, sold our house a few weeks after that and bought the unit when our lease was up. The kids were thrilled with our move, my business is going great and we’re spending the same amount of money for a place we’re much happier in. 

I’m grateful to Melanie for helping me see the way I help my clients see. If you need help, let me know or check out the link to Melanie’s site.

If you feel moved write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll talk about Want vs Need and the Soul.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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