Trash Talk: The 6-Step Process to Discarding Your Emotional Trash

Would you take this trash?

The question: “Would you take this trash?” is a family joke. It came about when my step-children were young and we were at a fast food drive-through. When the clerk gave my husband our food, he handed her a bag of trash and said, “Would you take this trash, please?” The kids and I, being amused by this transaction, have never let my husband live it down. 

I’m reminded of this during my morning meditations when I practice releasing my emotional trash. I started this about 20 years ago after reading Deepak Chopra’s, “A Path to Love” and have modified the practice over the years to make it work for me.

So, here’s what you can do to get rid of your emotional trash. First, find a spot where you won’t be interrupted, preferably outside facing the sun (but in the shade if it’s too hot). Close your eyes and feel the sun’s rays coming towards you. Imagine you too have light radiating from your heart and your rays are meeting the sun’s.

As uncomfortable feelings come up, identify them, feel them and acknowledge them. For example, if you’re feeling anxious about all you have to do say to yourself:  “Anxiety about having too much to do, I feel you inside me.” “Anxiety about having too much to do, I acknowledge your presence.” Then take a deep breath and as you exhale blow the uncomfortable feelings out of your body and visualize them being used for something good like fuel for the sun or food for the birds or fish. As you exhale and picture this say, “Anxiety about having too much to do, I bid you farewell as quickly and easily as you may go.” Keep repeating the process until you feel you’ve purged all your emotional trash for the day. 

The feel-good effect of this meditation may take a couple of hours to kick in. And if you’re just starting or haven’t practiced it in a while, it may take a week of daily release before you feel any relief. But how sweet it is to rid yourself of emotional trash so your soul expression may unfold. If you’d like you can download the guide here: Take This Trash Worksheet

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll explore cleaning out the trash in your house to free your soul. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.    

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