Is Your Home Good for Your Health? Exploring the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Health

Is your home good for your health?  

The Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Health is a two-way street. Your Soul’s Home® will promote your health and your health may determine if you can have your Soul’s Home® 

Consider the first side: Does your home promote your healthThe purpose of a house is to provide a healthy environment where you can thrive. Because your body is the temple of your soul, a healthy home is critical to feeding your soulTo be healthy, a home must have clean air and water and be free of hazards like mold, radon, dangerous chemicals or disease carrying pests. But your Soul’s Home® goes further by including healthy foods and places for activity and spiritual renewal either in or convenient to your home. The Soul’s Home® ingredient – Health is about making sure your home and community is an environment that will nourish your body, mind and spirit.

For the other side of the health equation ask, Does your health allow you to have your Soul’s Home®? When there are health issues, theres no shame in not being able to keep up with your home. If you’re addressing health issues, the spiritual purpose of your home is healing. This may mean living in a location that helps improve your health like a particular altitude or climate. It may mean adapting your home to make things easier for you or adding or removing household members to help.  

I hope you’ll be able to have a healthy home, because I want your home to feed your soul. If you want my help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch. Next time we’ll explore the Soul’s Home® ingredient – Safety.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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