Trash Talk: 3 Soulful Ways to Turn Trash Into Treasure

What’s the most soulful way to toss your trash?

Last week, we talked about being in tune to when your soul is calling you to toss your trash – things that no longer serve your soul and how to determine what your soul is calling you to toss.

But what IS the most soulful way to toss your trash? The key is to allow your trash to become someone else’s treasure while respecting your time and money.

There are three ways to toss stuff: Give it away, Sell it or Throw it away. Let’s look at how each can be soulful. The easiest way to give stuff away is to donate it to charity because you can toss a lot at once, feel good about supporting a cause and know that your item will go to someone who can use it. Charities can be limiting though because they don’t take everything and special items are not always cared for gently.

So, your soul may call you to post on a site like Freecycle or give it to a friend. It will nourish your soul to see the delight of the recipient who considers your trash a treasure. But posting individual items, responding to requests and coordinating with people to pick up is time consuming so it’s important to check with your soul to be sure it’s a soulful use of your time. 

If your items are of financial value and you could put the money to good use, your soul may call you to sell. For example, when I married my husband, we sold the furniture from his first marriage and used the money to buy other furniture. After my mom passed, I sold some of her treasures to donate the money to one of her favorite charities.

Your least soulful option is the actual trash because trash typically won’t become treasure. The more you can recycle the more soulful this choice becomes. I love that my city – Alexandria, Virginia has a waste-to-energy plant. What a wonderful way to turn trash into treasure by creating electricity from our discards rather than our precious natural resources!

I hope you’ll be able hear how your soul is calling you to convert your trash to treasure. If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll talk about Electronic Trash.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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