How to Choose the Best Home Location: A Guide to Finding a Location that Feeds Your Soul.

Where’s your Soul’s Home®? When you’re looking to buy a home, the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Location can be critical to feeding your soul. 

To choose location soulfully, first consider your soul’s purpose for the next five years or so. Is it to advance a career or business, find and develop love, raise a family, heal some health issues, invent something new, travel the world? 

Second, decide how important location is to you living your purpose compared to the other Soul’s Home® Ingredients. Your soul may require a specific location or be able to flourish anywhere. If you need help prioritizing location with the other Soul’s Home® Ingredients, click the link to my free quiz: Does your home feed your soul

Third, pretend that every home, no matter the location, is exactly the same price – a price that you can easily afford. By taking money out of the equation temporarily, you’ll tune in to the location that will feed your soul the most. Is it rural, suburban or urban? Is there a certain climate? Is it near work? Family & friends? Arts and culture? Nature? A specific school district? Is it in a specific country or state or city or will any do? If you’re not sure, ask your ego to research and visit possible locations for your soul to choose from. 

Finally, add money back into the equation to find the best location within financial balance. If you can’t live in your ideal location, then the Journey to Your Soul’s Home® is about making the best of it by finding spiritual purpose in your location and using the other Soul’s Home® ingredients to feed your soul until you can move. 

I hope you can live in a location you love because I want your home to feed your soul. If you want my help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch.   

Next time, we’ll talk about the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Community.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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