Perfect House In The Wrong Location: How to Embrace the Struggle to Get to Your Soul’s Home®?

What do you do when your perfect house is not in the right location? 

Do you yearn for a house not located in the right place? Embracing this struggle as part of your spiritual journey will lead you to your Soul’s Home®. At the core of the perfect house vs perfect location dilemma is your ego’s assumption that you cant have what you want and that the grass is greener on the other side. The spiritual journey is about tuning into what your soul is calling you to have to live your best life  

Start by getting clarity on your soul’s purpose for this part of your life and ask what you need most in a home to fulfill your purpose. Does your soul want you to have ONLY the house or ONLY the location? Both the house AND location? Or neither the house NOR the location. Typically, the soul calls you to a location for a particular lifestyle or community rather than a specific house or type of house.   

Here are some examples from other people’s spiritual journeys: 

– The ego insisting you must live in the city for a job while yearning for a big singlefamily house while the soul calls you to quit the rat race and move to a country farm  

– The ego fantasizes about a big house in the suburbs while your soul calls you to buy a small, low maintenance condo in the city close to the activities and people who feed your soul.  

– Your soul is calling you to move the house or build a new one in the right location or have a summer home and winter home or permanent home in one location but travel frequently.   

– Sometimes, your soul will call you to stay in a house and location that’s not ideal in order to work out spiritual issues – maybe a relationship or deeper understanding of yourself before it’s time to move on.  

If you need help determining what house or location your soul is calling you towards, click the link to the Soul’s Home® Alignment DIY or Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call. 

Next time, we’ll ask if moving to a better school district could be bad for your kids. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.


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