Are You Feeling the Love in Your Community? A Guide to Getting the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Community.

Are you feeling the love in your community?

I discovered the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Community when I met with people who said they lived in their Soul’s Home® even though they didn’t like their house, and others who felt they weren’t living in their Soul’s Home® but loved their house.

I wondered why someone living in a house they didn’t like much could be so happy and someone living in a house they loved could be so unhappy. What I learned was that how people felt in their community was more important to living in their Soul’s Home®. And that begs the question – Whats Community?

Typically, we think of community as groups of people with common characteristics or interests. So, our communities have places where people with similar interests can gather to enjoy them – like Community Centers, Religious Institutions, Sports Facilities, Art Studios, etc.  And while engaging in common activities is a good foundation to community, what makes a community super soulful is the way people show their love for one another. 

A community that feeds your soul provides peace of mind because when you need help, you know your community will be there to support you. If you’re thinking about moving, don’t underestimate the importance of community.

Think about things you like to do and assess how easy it will be to engage in those activities in the neighborhoods you’re considering. If it feels like you could be happy there, ask your potential neighbors how they like the community. Then take a step back and ask yourself: Would I feel the love here? Could I be loved here? If the answer is YES, it just may be the community for you. 

I hope you’ll be able to feel the love in your community because I want you to have a home that feeds your soul. If you want my help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch. 

Next time, we’ll talk about the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Household Member Harmony.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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