Do You Need That or Want It? Putting Soul Into the Need vs Want Paradigm

Do you need that or want it?

Let’s transcend the Need vs Want paradigm by putting soul into it. We’re taught that needs are what you must have to survive and wants are everything else. That makes sense if you only have enough to survive. But when you have enough to survive and then some, the Need vs Want question can stray from your soul 

It’s easy to think that what you need comes from your soul and what you want comes from your ego but that’s not true. What your soul wants and needs become one and the same even if the ego thinks it’s just a want OR neither a want nor needThat’s because need or want isn’t just about the survival of your physical body, it’s about the survival of your soul. 

Let’s look at the first scenario – something your soul wants and needs but to your ego is a want. For example, my friend, Athena Burke had a custom outfit made when she was struggling to make ends meet. From the conventional approach, the outfit was a “want”, something desired by her ego but not needed and therefore, a foolish and irresponsible expense. But  consider that Athena’s soul calls her to compose and sing songs that help people connect to their soul. The custom outfit was for her performances. It helped her transcend her ego and connect soul to soul with her audiences. After purchasing the outfit, it wasn’t long before Athena manifested more singing gigs and an album. Athena’s soul both needed and wanted the outfit even though her ego deemed it a want 

The second scenario, something your ego neither needs nor wants but your soul does, happened for me when I marry. As I shared last week, Eric had three young children and needed to remain in Rockville where their mother lived. Other than being close to his children, he had no interest in living there. That went double for me. But my soul’s call to be a positive presence in Eric and his children’s lives was stronger than the call to live elsewhere.  

My ego had no need and no desire to live in Rockville but my soul both needed and wanted to be there. It was challenging living in a place that didn’t feel aligned with me, but I have no regrets because living there was the only way I could fulfill my soul’s purpose of being a positive light in my husband and step children’s lives.

As you think about what you want and need in your home, first connect to your soul’s purpose then ask your soul what it wants in your home to fuel that purpose. If you need help with this, check out the links below.

Is Your Home Starving Your Soul?  

Soul’s Home® Alignment DIY  

I hope you can tune into what your soul needs and wants so you may live your soul’s purpose too.

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, it will be Independence Day, so we’ll ask: Is the Declaration of Independence soulful? 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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