Stay or Sell: How to Tell if Your Soul Calls You to Stay or Go After a Divorce.

Not sure if you should move after a divorce? If you have the option to stay or moveit can be hard to know what’s best. Friends and family typically have strong opinions making the choice even harder.  

To simplify matters, tune into your soul. First, clarify your soul’s purpose for this part of your life. Is it to clear the divorce poison from your psyche, grieve, heal, purge, re-make yourself, be present for your children, all of the above or something else? 

Then ask your soul these questions to find out if your house will support you in achieving your soul’s purpose for now. 

1. How did you feel about the house before the divorce? 

2. How do you feel about the house now? 

3Are there children who need continuity in the same home during this turbulent time?  

4. Do you have a support system in the community?   

5. Financially, can you stay without feeling suffocated? 

6. Is your soul’s purpose best carried out in your house or by moving?    

For your soul, staying or moving is determined by whether or not you can live your short term purpose there. If you’re called to stay, it’s important to claim the house for yourself by making some changes.

Purge your X’s items and anything that no longer serves you, redecorate and move furniture around to help shift your focus from the divorce towards your new life.  

If you need help deciding, I’d love to speak with you. Just click the link to schedule a free 30-minute call. Next week, we’ll talk about deciding to buy a foreclosure. 

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey. 

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