When you’re looking to buy a home, the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Location can be critical to feeding your soul. But how do you know what location is best and what do you do if you can’t live in your ideal location? Watch to find out.

Itching to Start Over in a New Place?

Itching to Start Over in a New Place? How to Avoid Moving from One Bad Place to Another?

Perfect House In The Wrong Location

Perfect House In The Wrong Location: How to Embrace the Struggle to Get to Your Soul’s Home®?

Physical and Emotional Safety

Is Your Home Safe? A Soulful Look at Physical and Emotional Safety at Home.

Moving to the Best School District

Is Moving to the “Best” School District Bad for Your Kids? A Guide to Finding a Home in a School District that Will Nourish Everyone’s Souls.

Building Type

What Type of Building Moves You? How to Choose a Building Type that Feeds Your Soul.

Soul’s Home® Journey

My Soul’s Home® Journey