Decor & Layout

Where do you fall on the form and function continuum? Is it more important to have things that look good even if they don’t function well or do you care more about how well things work and not how they look? Watch to find out how to approach what you need soulfully.

Spiritual Home Decor

Do You Need Spiritual Home Décor? A Guide to Spiritual Decorating Even If You’re Not Religious.

Decor and Spiritual Purpose

Does Your Décor Reflect Your Spiritual Purpose or Is It Keeping You Stuck? How To Use Decorating To Get Un-stuck.

Feng Shui Money Corner

How’s Your Feng Shui Money Corner Working for You? See If These Simple Fixes Increase Your Money Flow.


Could Redecorating Strengthen Your Marriage? How Our Décor Brought Eric and I Closer.

Does a TV belong in Your Soul’s Home®?

Does a TV Belong in Your Soul’s Home®? How I Transformed my Unhealthy Relationship to TV.

Hide Your TV

Want to Hide Your TV? A Step by Step Guide to Covering Your TV with Art.

Culture and Religion

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Culture and Religion in Your Soul’s Home® – Even if You Think You Have None.

Spiritual Purpose for the Holiday

How to Prepare your Soul’s Home® for the Holidays – Use Your Spiritual Purpose for the Holiday as Your Guide.