How’s Your Feng Shui Money Corner Working for You? See If These Simple Fixes Increase Your Money Flow.

How’s your Feng Shui money corner working for you?  

An area of our house that’s been the most problematic for me is what’s known as the Feng Shui money corner. Here, it’s important to have décor that encourages money flow such as wood elements, water themes, wealth symbols or money plants. I’m not a Feng Shui expert but was curious to see what would happen if we changed ours.  

In the Western Feng Shui Tradition, your money corner is the back, left corner in relationship to your front doorIn our home, it’s the only logical place for our TV. Our money corner was uninspiring. It felt suffocating to look at the black TV screen and the clutter. Ironically, I felt the same way about money in my business – suffocated by more going out than coming in. I wanted Eric and I to feel good about our money corner and our money.    

We started by mounting the T.V. on the wall. Just that felt better because it alleviated the cluttered look. Eric and I picked out a sailboat picture to cover the TV. Then hid the cords and added water themed family photos and knick-knacks. Eric and I both feel much better about our money corner now. But the big question is whether it’s increased our money flow.  

Right after we made the changes, I got a new client and Eric was promoted. I can’t say for sure that we wouldn’t have gotten them anyway, but now I feel better about our money corner AND better about money – so I’ll call this whole exercise a success!  

I hope you can feel good about your money corner and your money. Next time, I’ll show you how I covered the TV with the pictureIn the meantime, if you need my help buying or selling a home click Contact Me to get in touch. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.      


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