Form over Function or Function over Form? A Guide to the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Form and Function.

What does form and function have to do with the soul?

Let’s define the Soul’s Home® ingredient – Form and Function and see how it can feed your soul.

Form is the way something looks – it’s shape and colors, the aesthetics. Inside, it’s décor and architectural style. Outside, it’s curb appeal, outdoor spaces and landscaping.

Function is about how things work for you. The layout, size and usefulness of rooms, furniture, appliances, fixtures, landscaping and gardens. Some things have form or look nice but fall short on function, while others are functional but don’t look attractive.

We put form and function together because ideally, most things about in and around your home would provide both the form and function you need to feed your soul. 

Function will feed your soul by helping you live your soul’s purpose either by aiding your mission or providing refreshing self-care. Form will feed your soul by reflecting who you are or connecting you to something that gives you joy. 

Where do you fall on the form and function continuum? Is it more important to you to have things that look good even if they don’t function well or do you care more about how well things work and not how they look? Or somewhere in-between? Wherever you are is ok. But to be more soulful, set your intention on the middle whenever you bring new things into your home or purge what no longer serves you. 

Be mindful of a grey area though, that can be soulful too. You’ll find this in items with functions that are purely their form such as inspiring art or sentimental items. Use this grey area to fill in missing Soul’s Home® ingredients. 

Take last week’s example about Building Type: If you’re called to live in Manhattan, that eliminates igloos. But if living in an igloo is priority, you can’t live in Manhattan. Let’s say you’re called to live in Manhattan AND you yearn to live in an igloo. Having pictures or figures of igloos around your home can help you connect to that place in your soul.   

If you live with others, make decisions about form and function a collaborative process so that what you have in your house feeds everyone’s souls.

I hope you’ll find the perfect blend of form and function because I want your home to feed your soul.  If you want my help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch. 

Next time, we’ll talk about the Soul’s Home® ingredient – Health.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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