Thinking of Buying a Foreclosure? How to Know If It’s Right for Your Soul.

Thinking of buying a foreclosure?

When people talk about buying a foreclosure, I see a gleam in their eyes in anticipation of getting a great dealAhh the lure of a deal – fuels the ego but is it right for your soul? Not if that deal turns out to be a financial and life burden.  

Buying a foreclosure is only a good deal FOR YOU if it’s also what your SOUL wants. The money and time to find the right houserenovate, resolve issues and carry the property can easily cost more than the house is worth and divert you from your soul’s purposeknow HGTV makes this look easy and funBut I’ve lived the other side from my own renovations, clients who flip and meeting investors going into foreclosure themselves after putting more money in than they could get out 

So how do you avoid these foreclosure pitfalls? First, get clear on your soul’s purpose for this time in your life and determine if buying a foreclosure fits inIf it doesn’t, ask your soul to release you from the lure of the deal. But if it does, task your ego with finding homes and the due diligence work and your soul with making the decisions.  

Ask your soul

1. Will I be able to make this my Soul’s Home® or a Soul’s Home® for someone else?  

2. Is this project worth the financial risks? 

3. Is this how you want me to spend my time? 

If you still feel called to proceed, each time you run into an issue ask your soul how to approach it. For help hearing your soul, check out Episode 3.

I hope your home purchase is guided by your soul so you may have a home that feeds your soul. If you need my help hearing what your soul wants you to buy, I’d love to speak with you. Just click Contact Me to schedule a free 30-minute call.

Next week, I’ll share my foreclosure purchase experience with you. Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.  

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