Sell High


Selling high soulfully is about selling your house not your soul. In this series, we look at the 6 “P’s” to selling high soulfully: Purpose, Pricing, Plan “B”, Preparing, Promoting and People. If you’re thinking about selling, watch this series to see how you can approach the home selling process in a way that allows you to let go and move on to your Soul’s Home®.

Sell Home Soulfully

Want to Sell High Soulfully?

Sell Your House for the Highest Price

Want to Sell Your House for the Highest Price?

Can't Get Your Price

What If You Can’t Get Your Price?

Prepare Your House to Sell

Prepare Your House to Sell Soulfully: A Guide to Holistic Home Staging.

What's Wrong With Your House

Why Telling Buyers What’s Wrong with Your House Gets You More Money.

Get More Money For Your House

Be Nice AND Get More Money for Your House 🙂