Sell Your House Not Your Soul: A Soulful Combination of the Traditional Listing and Auction Method

Want to sell high soulfully?

Last week, we looked at using absolute auctions as the second of the six P’s for selling high soulfully– Pricing.  While the absolute auction typically brings the highest price and is an act of extreme soulfulness when you can take the risk, it isn’t a soulful choice if money is needed to pay off a mortgage or buy the next home.  

So,let’s combine a traditional listing with auction strategy to get the best of both worlds.  Ordinarily, you’d start by looking at market data to get a price.  A more soulful approach is to first bring your ego and soul  and anyone you’re selling with into agreement on the minimum price you need to sell. If you don’t get that price – you’ll go to Plan B. 

Task your ego with gathering data and crunching numbers: How much do you owe on the mortgage?  How much savings can you put towards sprucing up the house or paying off the mortgage if you don’t get enough? What will your selling costs be?  How much do you need to move on?  If there are costs for not selling, what are they?  

Once your ego has crunched all the numbers ask your soul for its minimum price before you’d go to plan B.  Find out the lowest and highest prices similar homes have sold for recently in your neighborhood and if it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market.   

When it’s a buyer’s market, unless your soul’s bottom line is well below the neighborhood low, an auction strategy may not be appropriate but a price on the lower end will likely be necessary to prevent you from enacting your Plan B. But if it’s a Seller’s market and your soul’s bottom line is towards the low end of the range you’re in the perfect position to add some soulful auction strategy to your listing by pricing low, letting go of any attachment to getting “your” price and trusting that you’ll receive the exact amount you’re due. 

Over the years, as I’ve gotten better at this, I’ve been blown away by the prices we get. It’s a paradox though because if you list at that high price, you likely won’t get it. But when you’re prepared for the low price, use the right marketing strategy, and are truly ready to move onit’s amazing to watch the price rise!

Next time, we’ll talk about developing your Plan B.  In the meantime, if you’d like more information about selling your house not your soul, click the link to my website  because I’d love to see you there. 

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.  

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