Why Telling Buyers What’s Wrong with Your House Gets You More Money.

How do you promote to sell high?  

The fifth of the six P’s to selling high soulfully is Promoting – there are two parts to promoting. First, make sure that everyone who’s in the market for your type of home knows that you’re selling. Today, this is easy if you’re working with a real estate agent who’ll list it in the Multiple Listing Service and syndicate it to all the popular home search sites.  

The second part, giving buyers the information they need to get excited about your house, takes some finesse. As we mentioned last week, having pictures that will touch the hearts of potential buyers is key but equally important  is providing all the information necessary to put buyer’s minds at ease. 

As an Auctioneer, I’d go out of my way to dig up the good, the bad and the ugly to put into a bidder’s package because the more information we provided, even when it exposed problems, the more bidders we got and consequently the higher the price. That’s because one of the biggest concerns buyers have, is not knowing that there’s a problem. Knowing issues up front allows potential buyers to plan a fix and move forward rather than shy away because they’re uncertain. But often, Seller’s egos go wild telling them not to disclose any problems because it might scare buyers away.  

To be a soulful seller, be honest about existing problems. I have a reputable home inspector provide a report for potential buyers. Not only is this soulful, it also gives you the upper hand in negotiations. By having a pre-listing home inspection, you can decide what repairs youre willing to do prior to putting the house on the market and be fairly confident that if the buyer makes the sale contingent on a home inspection, you won’t have big surprises that could derail the sale. And if you’re lucky enough to get multiple offers, your top offers will likely accept your inspection without a contingency – saving you one big negotiation headache.  

I hope you’ll be able to promote your home soulfully because I want you to move on to a home that feeds your soul. If you want my help selling your house not your soul, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch. 

Next time we’ll talk about the last of the six Ps to selling high soulfully – People. Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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