Let’s Talk About Money: The Most Common Pitfalls to Avoid Around Money and Soul’s Home®

Funny thing about money  it’s not necessarily the key to having your Soul’s Home®. No matter what your financial means are, you may have challenges when it comes to having a home that feeds your soul. Let’s look at the pitfalls around money and Soul’s Home® both for people who are lacking in funds and those with plenty.   

Many people assume that they can’t afford their Souls Home®. Unless you are practically penniless and even sometimes then, this is not true. While you may not be able to afford what your ego says you should have in a home, you will always be able to afford your Soul’s Home®. 

Why is this? It’s because a required ingredient for a Soul’s Home® is that what you spend on the home leaves you enough to feed your soul in other ways. While having a home you love is important, having all the bells and whistles is not worth selling your soul. 

When your soul calls you to remain in a home that is affordable but not quite to your liking, it is because there is a spiritual purpose to that home that is more important than what you feel is lacking. Embracing that spiritual work, including taking ownership for making your home feed your soul as much as possible will be the fastest route to moving on. 

When the cost of your home leaves your soul starving in other ways, your spiritual work may be to ask your soul to lead you into financial balance. Your soul may guide you to take on a roommate, sell stuff you don’t need, move to a less expensive place or increase your income for example. 

So what are the pitfalls if you have plenty of money? One danger is the ease at which you are able to spend money on things that satisfy only the ego rather than feed the soul. These may be purchases to impress others or to keep your mind occupied on ego pursuits rather than your soul’s calling. The second danger is having enough but being so frugal that you don’t spend what you need to feed your soul. In both cases, your soul will starve. Your spiritual work will likely be to tune in to your soul to find out what your home really needs to keep your soul nourished and take steps to bring those things into your life while releasing all that no longer serves you.     

And there you have it. No matter where you are financially, your Soul’s Home® can be both a challenge and a possibility. I hope that you embrace financial balance with your home so you can live your soul’s purpose.   

If you feel so moved, I’d love to hear how you’ve balanced the cost of your home with feeding your soul in other ways. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey. 

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