Is Your Home An Investment? Find Your Answer in the Soul’s Home® Approach

Should you think of your home as an investment?

Let’s start by defining InvestmentFinancially, an investment is spending money in order to gain income or profit. Certainly, if you’re in the rental or flipping business, youre purchasing to generate income or profitso, it wouldn’t make sense to buy unless the house was a good financial investment.  

But if buying a house to live in, your primary purpose is not income or profit so, should you be concerned with making a profit when you sell? Your ego will scream Yes”! But I challenge you to pose this question to your soul before you buy.

It’s interesting that we expect to make money from our homes when we typically don’t expect to profit from other things we buy rather, we know they’ll go down in value. But because a home is expensive AND we hear of others who “made a lot of money” when they sold, we may anticipate feeling shame if we don’tLet’s transcend this dilemma by considering another definition of investment: devoting time, talent, or energy for a purpose.  

Your Soul’s Home® is where you’re best able to use your talents and energies towards your soul’s purpose. Your Soul’s Home® is an investment in YOUDon’t short-change yourself by prioritizing speculative profits over investing in you and your family.  

To be soulful, first understand the spiritual purpose for your new home. Is it to raise a happy and healthy family? Have space that allows and inspires you to create? Recharges you when you come home from work? Whatever that purpose is, your soul will want you to know your home will fulfill it before considering profits.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be mindful of money. On the contrary, your Soul’s Home® will be in financial balance by leaving you enough to feed your soul in other ways and when you’re ready to sell if you bought soulfully and sell soulfully, you’ll have the best chance of profiting.  

Next week, we’ll talk about Selling High SoulfullyIn the meantime, if you’d like more about the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®, click the link to my website because I’d love to see you there!

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.  

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