Are You Confused About Whether to Sell or Stay?

Are you confused about whether to sell or stay in your home?

In my workshops and private sessions, I often attract people who are struggling with selling or staying in their home. Our homes have such a major impact on the quality of our lives that it makes sense how difficult this decision is 

As I’ve listened to people’s stories, I’ve found a common thread to the struggle. The ego points out all the reasons to sell when your soul calls you to stay. Or, your ego convinces you to stay when your soul is itching to leave. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to distinguish between the voice of your ego versus your soul. When this happens, it’s important to tune into your soul’s purpose for this time in your life.

Look at your house from that lens and ask if your house supports you in living that purpose. If your home supports your purpose, stay until your purpose or something about your home changes. If your house doesn’t support your purpose, then it may be time go or it may be time to make changes to your home or decor, so it does feed your soul.

While figuring this out may sound easy, it rarely is. If you need help hearing if your soul is calling you to stay or go, I’d love to talk with youJust click the link to schedule a free 30-minute call

In future episodes, we’ll explore specific situations where the choice to stay or go can be difficult starting with  when it’s time for adult children to leave their parent’s house. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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