Where Are You on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? How Your Soul’s Home® Helps You Reach Self-Actualization

Where are you on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs?   

Maslow believed that people are motivated to act on their needs in priority order: Physiological, Safety, Love/ Belonging, Esteem and Self-Actualization. So, if you don’t have food and water, you’ll seek it even at the expense of your safety. Once you have food and water, you’ll seek safety. Until you have safety, it will be your priority before seeking love and so on. Maslow believed that the ultimate goal of self-actualization was not possible until all the lower needs were met. 

I was excited to learn about this in Psychology 101 because it explained why there were so many struggling people who couldn’t just pull themselves up by the bootstraps and make something of themselves!  

Here I was, a young woman who had grown up in the safety and love of my parent’s home with all the advantages of middle-class America. I had the luxury of being able to focus on figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. But what about all those people at the bottom of the pyramid whose only thoughts are protecting their safety or getting enough to eat?   

This is why “home” is so important. The Journey to Your Soul’s Home® is about getting all your needs met so you can self-actualize by living your soul’s purpose.

Where are you right now on Maslow’s Hierarchy? What can you do to strengthen the foundation of your triangle so you can achieve self-actualization? I believe that as each of us moves to the top of the pyramid, we’ll be able to give a hand up to others below so we may all live to our greatest potential. 

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next week, we’ll talk about why perfect isn’t always perfect.

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.  

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