What Soul’s Home® Ingredients Feed Your Soul?

What Soul’s Home® Ingredients feed your soul?

There are as many answers to this question as there are people. Think of a cake. Most cakes have, for example – flour. But there are lots of different kinds of flour so you would choose the one that makes the cake most delicious for you or if flour makes you sick you’d find a substitute.       

It’s the same with the Soul’s Home® ingredients. In general, there are ten but what you need specifically to feed your soul will be very different than someone else. Let’s take a look at all ten. 

We’ll start with the original purpose of our homes – SafetyOur caveman ancestors sought shelter as protection from the elements and wild animals. While you may be lucky enough to take safety for granted, it’s still the most important of the Soul’s Home® ingredients. If youre not safe in your home, it just isn’t a home.  

A close second is HealthYour home can make you sick – say, if it has too much mold or unsafe drinking water or polluted air. Or you may have health issues that require your home to have special accessibility features 

Location is the obvious ingredient that you may think is the number one priority. It may be for your soul. It may not. Some people don’t care where they live as long as they’re with a loved one or close enough to an airport to get them anywhere they want to go 

Connection to Community impacts your mental, physical and spiritual health. Many people love their home not because of the physical structure but because of the community. This is true for my husband and me. While we have a lovely home, it wouldn’be our Soul’s Home® in a different community. 

A Soul’s Home® will be in Financial Balance by leaving you enough to feed your soul in other ways. Living beyond your means may give you a temporary happiness but will starve your soul. On the other hand, depriving yourself of a Soul’s Home® you can afford will starve your soul too 

Great relationships with household members, including pets feed your soul. If those relationships are troubled it can make a home that would be your Soul’s Home® anything but.  

Your Culture or Religion may be an important component to what you need in your Soul’s Home®Your soul may need a multi-generational household, a Kosher kitchen or a meditation shrine, for example 

The way your home is Decorated and its Layout may be important to feeding your soul and living your soul’s purpose or it may be less of a priority 

The Type of Building you live in may be important. The convenience of a high rise or the spaciousness of a detached home may feed your soulYour soul may feel more nourished in a particular architectural style such as colonial or contemporary or something in-between. 

Organization and lack of clutter is one ingredient you may have the most control overIf your home is not your Soul’s Home®, organizing may make it your Soul’s Home® more than any other ingredient while disorganization can turn a home that would be your Soul’s Home® into anything but.  

While you may initially think you need all ten for your home to be a perfect ten, when you focus on what your soul really needs, you may find out that it’s easier to feed your soul than you may think. 

I invite you to take my free quiz to find out which ingredients you need most and if your home feeds your soul.  

Either way, I wish you well on your journey. 

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