Two Misunderstandings About the American Dream and Home Ownership

Do you need to own your home to live the American Dream?

Ahh the American Dream – the belief that in our democracy, no matter the situation you were born into, you have the freedom and opportunity to prosper, it eventually included home ownership. 

There are two misunderstandings about the American Dream and home ownership that can be barriers on the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®. First, there’s almost a sense that home ownership is a prerequisite to the American Dream. This creates a stigma against renting that discourages embracing a rented home as your Soul’s Home®. But a Soul’s Home® may be either owned or rented depending upon what your soul is calling you to do 

For your soul to prosper, there may be times when renting is more beneficial than owning. Certainly, if owning will be beyond your financial means when renting won’t, your soul will be more aligned in a rented home. If youre moving to a new location, your soul may call you to rent until you familiarize yourself with the area enough to know where your soul will feel most nourished. If your stay will be less than five years, owning can be a financial risk that is best considered by your soul before purchasing. 

More important to your soul than whether you rent or own is that you take ownership of where you live. Even if you don’t legally own your home, you can take ownership by treating it as if you do in whatever ways make sense. Whether your soul calls you to rent or own, I hope you’ll take ownership of where you live so you may live the American Dream and your soul can be free.

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next week, we’ll talk about the second misunderstanding about: Home Ownership and the America Dream – putting house before happiness.

Until next time, I wish you well on your journey.  

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