Moving Making You Nervous? A Guide to Moving in Your Soul’s Flow.

Nervous about moving?

It’s normal to feel nervous about moving because there’s a lot to do and a slew of changes. On the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®, we strive for moving in your soul’s flow. 

There are seven ways to have a smooth, soulful move. First, be sure your soul is calling you to move. If it is, be clear about the spiritual purpose of your moveHaving purpose makes a difficult task bearable if not fun

Second, identify all your fears and ask your soul what to do about each one. Having an anxiety inventory will calm your ego and allow your soul to solve any problems.

Third, purge your home of items that won’t serve the spiritual purpose of your new home. Not only will the physical purging reduce the amount you need to pack, move and unpack, it will provide a corresponding emotional and spiritual cleansing. 

Fourth, expect the unexpected. It’s rare that a move goes off without a hitch. And when problems arise, your ego can be critical, making the move more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Give your ego a heads up to expect mishaps so you’re more prepared when they arise. 

Fifth, allow yourself the time you need for planning, purging, packing, moving and settling in. It’s a major production and most people underestimate the time it takes, setting themselves up for disappointment and frustration. Allow lots of time, cut out unnecessary activities, be kind to yourself and take time off from work if you can. 

Sixth, ask for help. Two people working together can do what three would working alone and it’s more fun!

Seventh, take a break and reconnect to your soul and the spiritual purpose of the move whenever you feel confused, nervous or overwhelmed. 

I hope you’ll be able to get into your soul’s flow for your next move because I want you to enjoy the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®. If you want my help finding your Soul’s Home®, I’d love to talk with you. Just click Contact Me to get in touch. Next time, we’ll talk about: How to Prevent Buyer’s Remorse.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.

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