Loved, Safe, and Held: Signs Your Soul Is Talking to You

So how do you know when it’s your soul talking?

The question of how to hear my soul plagued me for years. I wanted to hear my soul, but I was constantly second guessing myself. A dear friend of mine – Athena Burke, taught me that when you get an answer from your soul you feel loved, safe and held.   

Whenever you find yourself struggling with a challenge, think of the question you want answered. Sit quietly and ask your question. The ego side of your brain may throw all sorts of answers at you. Say thank you, and put them aside. Just hold the question and wait patiently. Allow the answer to come to you. When it does, you’ll feel loved, safe and held. 

The answer may be one of the things your ego threw at you or it could be something that seems ludicrous. Nonetheless, you will feel a peace come over you. A few seconds later you may think the answer preposterous or be filled with fear at the thought of implementing it! No worries. It’s always up to you whether or not to do what your soul says.   

But if not being sure it came from your soul is what’s holding you back, ask some follow up questions: “Soul, did you say that?” “Soul, that’s ridiculous, why would you ever want me to do that?” 

If you’re still not sure or if you just get nothing, you can keep asking the same or similar questions on different days until you do get the answer that brings love, safe, held feelings and you have peace.   

If you feel moved, I’d love to hear how this works for you in the comments below. 

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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