Am I a Holistic Real Estate Agent? Using Soul Sessions on the Journey to Your Soul’s Home®.

Am I a holistic real estate agent?

While I don’t usually call myself a holistic real estate agent, I do have a holistic approach. Because buying or selling a house impacts your whole life, I use soul sessions to help you make the best decisions. 

First, we create a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan to guide us. It starts with you filling out an online questionnaire to help you get clarity on the spiritual purpose of your home and help me understand what areas to focus onThen we meet, and I put my ego aside and connect my soul to yours. I experience your emotions, ask you loving questions  and request divine guidance to understand what your soul is calling you to do.  

My gift is that I’m able to hear the quiet voice of your soul and amplify it so you can hear it too. It starts like a big puzzle with the soul and ego pieces mixed together. To separate out the soul puzzle pieces, we explore your calling and talk about past homes to find patterns. I read your energy in relationship to your house as you give me a tour. 

After about two hours, your soul’s puzzle pieces come together. You’ll see clearly if your soul wants you to stay or go and a peace will come over you with a deep understanding of what next steps will feed your soul and why. You’ll be inspired to move forward because the ego’s puzzle pieces will be put in their placeIf your soul is calling you to buy or sell, the Soul’s Home®  Alignment Plan guides us on your journeyAnd whenever you’re stuck, we do another soul session to get clarity. I love, love, love using soul sessions to help people find their Soul’s Home®!

If you’d like to have a soul session with me about your home, click the link to schedule a free 30minute call. Next time, we’ll talk about: Spiritual Home Décor.

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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