Looking for Change? A Soulful Way to Avoid the Change Trap

Do you want change? 

Is your soul calling for change? Since you’re watching this, I’ll assume the answer is Yes. But let’s pause because there’s a trap I see people fall into and I’ve fallen into myself when looking for change. 

What’s the trap? Trying to change too much at once. Why is too much change a trap? Because when your soul is calling for change it will appear that the ego is ready and willing to help. But beware, the ego will demand that you change everything at once when what the ego really wants is for nothing to change. 

You see, the ego has a hard time with change, so it will appear to play along, but ultimately sabotage the soul’s efforts by piling on too much. So for the benefit of the soul and the ego, less is more. 

Whenever you feel moved to make a change in your life, just pick one thing. Just one. And make a 30-day commitment. Then watch what happens. When your soul picks just one thing, you can strategically soothe the ego and you’ll be delighted at how easily other good things flow from it. 

So, how do you know what to pick? Ask your soul three questions until you find the one thing that’s right for you: What would feed my soul the most? Am I being called to do this now? Can I commit to 30 days? Once you are clear on the one thing your soul wants you to change now, be aware that your ego will try to sabotage. 

A couple of years ago, my 30-day soul challenge was to go to yoga class every weekday morning at 6:15. To do this, I need to wake up at 5:00 am, to wake up at 5:00 am, I needed to be in bed at 9:00 pm. To be in bed by 9:00 pm I needed to start getting ready for bed at 8:00 pm.

What! That’s unheard of! My ego protested! People would think I was an old fogie if I went to bed so early! But my soul was calling, so I commit to 30 days. The first week, I thought I was going to die every morning at 5:00 am. My ego insisted I needed more sleep. I was so tired. I had a headache throughout the day. But I’d committed, so I did it anyway. By the end of the 30 days it just became routine.

Now, even when I don’t feel like going, my body just gets up and goes anyway. I feel healthier. I feel more alive. I get more done with less effort. I feel more connected to my soul. It was the right time to make that commitment for me. 

What’s the one thing your soul wants you to change now? If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. 

Next time, we’ll explore Soul’s Home® vs. forever home. Until next week, I wish you well on your Journey. 

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