Is Your Ego Bad? How to Use Your Ego to Live a Soulful Life

Is your ego bad?

Because I talk a lot about tuning into your soul rather than your ego, you might assume that I think the ego is bad and the soul is good. But that’s not the case. Your ego is neither good nor bad.

The better question is how can you use your ego to live a more soulful life? You see part of the ego’s job is to investigate and persuade. Persuade others, persuade you, persuade your soul. And here’s where it’s easy to go wrong. You see, in order to live a soulful life, you must take direction from your soul not the persuasion of your ego.

Allow your soul to be the sole decider. It’s easy to slip into allowing your ego to be in-charge because your ego is loud and persuasive AND the ego actually thinks it’s in-charge!

So how do you overcome this? You get specific about what you want your ego to be in-charge of and give it assignments. This allows your ego to fully use its talents and provide the soul with what it needs to make good decisions.

So, for example, let’s say you’re thinking about making a change in your home but there are so many options you don’t know what to do. Find some quiet time to get in touch with your soul.

Ask your soul what its intentions are for the changes. Then ask your ego to investigate the options and report back to your soul. Allow your ego to be in-charge of the legwork and research and build a case if it wishes but then tune back into your soul to get the decision.

I’m often surprised at what I get. Sometimes, I think my soul is going to accept an option from my ego but it comes up with something entirely different. Other times, I’m sure the ego has no good solution and my soul gives me peace in knowing that it has in fact led me on the right path.

I hope these steps will help you live a more soulful life by putting your soul in-charge while taking full advantage of all the benefits your ego has to offer.

If you feel so moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll talk about, “What to do in the heat of the moment.”

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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