Don’t Know What to Do? Here Are the 3 Choices You Always Have

What shall you do? It’s often hard to know what to do. There are so many difficult decisions in life.

I remember the first time I struggled to make a big decision, my mother gave me some sage advice. She said, “Suzanne, you always have three choices: 1. Live with it, 2. Lobby for change or 3. Leave.”

Knowing the three choices has felt liberating and empowering. Liberating because it shrinks a sea of unlimited choices down to bite sized pieces and empowering because – gosh, darn it! With this tool, I can decide and move on!

So, let’s look closer at these three choices. First, name something about your home that you don’t like. Second, think about your soul’s purpose for the short term – what I call the little p. If you need help figuring out your little p, check out Episode 05. Third, consider your choices in the context of your little p. Given your soul’s purpose for the short term, what would feed your soul the most right now?

Is it time for you to live with your home the way it is? Is it time to lobby for change by decorating or remodeling? Or is it simply time to leave or move out? Sit quietly and ask your soul to guide you. The answer may come quickly, or you may need to take more time to explore your options and let them simmer before the answer is clear. It’s important to know that the answer can be different depending upon when you are asking the question.

Let’s say for example, that your soul is calling you to take care of an ill family member. This may not be the time for you to renovate your house so, the answer may be to live with it. But once that family member has recovered, your soul may call you to a new beginning by directing you to renovate or leave.

No matter what you decide, my wish for you is that you are at peace with your decision and in your soul’s flow as you implement it. If you need help figuring out if you should live with it, lobby for change or leave your home, you can check out the link to our free quiz: Does Your Home Feed Your Soul?   

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll explore how to apply the three choices to: Pesky Household Members

Until next week, I wish you well on your Journey.  

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