Looking at the Immigration Crisis Through the Soul’s Home® Lense

Is there an immigration “crisis”?

We often hear that there’s an immigration “crisis”. I put the word crisis in quotes because there’s much debate over whether or not there’s a crisis and if there is, what’s to be done about it?

Personally, I believe theres a crisis but the more important question is whos in crisis? Is it we who are living the American Dream or those risking their lives to become a part of the American Dream?

Think about it. Why would anyone leave their homeland and risk their life and the lives of their children to come to a country that says they don’t want them? Things have got to be pretty desperate to take those risksThe journey to their Soul’s Home® whether it be to America, another country or within their own country is long and treacherous. You wouldn’t make a highrisk journey like that unless your life and/or soul depended it.  

The fact that it might be against a law for you to go somewhere else would likely be inconsequential in comparison to the risk of death to your body or soul if you stayed put. As part of the human race, this crisis belongs to all of us. When one suffers, we all suffer whether we realize it or not. 

Is your soul calling you to do anything about this?  If it is, it can be as simple as expressing gratitude for the safe home that you have and sending compassionate thoughts or prayers to those on a treacherous journey oit could be to give your time or money to an organization that seek to make their journey easier or their homeland a place they no longer need to flee from.

If you feel moved, write about this below because sharing is good for your soul. Next time, we’ll ask: What’s Your Point?

Until next week, I wish you well on your journey.  

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  1. Valerie

    I know this is an old post, but I agree with you.
    I don’t understand how people’s hearts aren’t broken for these desperate immigrants, how they feel no compassion.
    I welcome them, and hope with all my heart they find peace and happiness and safety here.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, me too Valerie. I look forward to a time when everyone is safe on this Earth.