How Are You Doing? Finding Spiritual Purpose in the Midst of Crisis While Creating a Home That Feeds Your Soul

How are you doing with everything that’s going on? 

Today more than ever, we need our homes to not only protect our health but also feed our souls.  But how do we do that amidst gathering scarce supplies, figuring out how to home school and work from home and the constant news of a worsening health and economic crisis?

The answer lies in asking the question, “What is the spiritual purpose of this for you?” Is it to improve your family relationships, gain confidence that you can survive trying times, develop better self-care routines, re-examine your purpose in life, consider a career change, serve others or something else? 

Understanding the spiritual purpose of this for you will allow you to see what changes you may need to make in your home so it can feed your soul during this trying time. If you can’t figure out what purpose this serves for you, don’t worry. Focus instead on doing what you can to make your home feed your soul.  

Creating a home that feeds your soul will lead you to seeing the purpose of this for you. Below, you’ll find some of our previous episodes to help make a home that feeds your soul and find your purpose






I hope that you not only have enough toilet paper but also have a home that feeds your soul so you may get through this difficulty feeling good about life ahead. 

I wish you well and light on this difficult journey.  

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