I discovered the Soul’s Home® Ingredient – Community when I met people who said they lived in their Soul’s Home® even though they didn’t like their house and others who felt they weren’t living in their Soul’s Home® but loved their house. I wondered why someone living in a house they didn’t like much could be so happy and someone living in a house they loved could be so unhappy. Watch to find out how to be one of the happy ones.

Manifest Your Neighbors

Want to Manifest Your Neighbors?

Nature vs Nurture

Are You a Product of Nature or Nurture?

Is the Declaration of Independence Soulful

Is the Declaration of Independence Soulful?

Immigration Crisis

Is There an Immigration “Crisis”?

Physical and Emotional Safety

Is Your Home Safe? A Soulful Look at Physical and Emotional Safety at Home

Culture and Religion

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Culture and Religion in Your Soul’s Home® – Even if You Think You Have None.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! A Guide to Making Halloween Part of Your Soul’s Home®