What’s a Soul’s Home®

A home that feeds your soul.

But how do you know what ingredients you need in your home for it to feed your soul?

You start by tuning into your soul’s purpose.


When you live in your Soul’s Home® your soul’s purpose is fueled.

How Fully Are You Living Your Purpose?

You may be keenly in tune to your soul’s purpose or unaware that you even have one. You may be living in your Soul’s Home® or far from it. Ideally, you are keenly in tune to your purpose and living in a home that fully supports that purpose
— your Soul’s Home®.

The relationship between the extent to which you live your purpose and the extent to which you live in your Soul’s Home® can be a vicious cycle.

Lack of purpose throws off the ability to live in your Soul’s Home® and conversely, not living in your Soul’s Home® throws off your ability to fulfill your purpose. Where are you on the continuum for each?

Optimally, your Soul’s Home® (external) and sense of purpose (internal) would be aligned to allow you to fully express your talents. Aah! But alas! This ideal is so rare. It doesn’t matter if your attention is focused on the internal or external — as long as your intention is to live your soul’s purpose. If you improve the external, your internal will respond positively and if you improve internally, a corresponding external change will be inspired.


So start with as much as you know/sense or believe about your soul’s purpose then ask yourself which of these ingredients you need most to feed your soul.

Location, Location, Location

We’ve all heard the phrase ” Location, Location, Location.” While it’s usually about what makes a house worth the most money, if you’re wanting to live in your Soul’s Home®, it’s less about money and more about feeding your soul.

The best location for your soul is where you feel most alive. You’re best able to live your soul’s purpose from there.
Your soul’s best location may be the tranquility of the countryside, the vibrancy of the city or somewhere in between.

Connect to Community

Your connection to community impacts your mental, physical and spiritual health.

The degree to which your Soul’s Home® allows you to connect to a supportive community may be the foundation for feeding your soul. Today, your options for community range from neighborhood to global and from in-person to virtual.

Ideally, your community and lifestyle are in alignment to provide the right mix and types of cultural, educational, recreational and social opportunities for your soul’s purpose.

Financial Balance

What you spend on your Soul’s Home® will leave you enough to feed your soul in other ways.

Living beyond your means will sap your energy and starve your soul. But also holding back from spending to realize a Soul’s Home® you can afford will starve your soul. Whether you rent or own, your housing is probably your greatest expense. Soulfully planning housing expenses goes a long way toward ensuring you’ll have the resources to live your soul’s purpose.

Household Member Harmony

Great relationships with household members (including pets) feed your soul.

Troubled relationships with household members can make a home that would be your Soul’s Home® anything but.

Hopefully, you are living in harmony. If not, it’s time for soul searching, change and/or assistance.

What Types of Buildings Move You?

High rise, garden style, townhouse, single family, modern, colonial, bungalow, cape cod, art deco…so much to choose from!

Take time to notice how you feel when you look at and walk through each type of home. Rate yourself, with 1 being, “I don’t like the energy of this space” and 10 being, “I feel at peace and at home.” Try to get as close to ten as possible while still balancing the other Soul’s Home® Ingredients. For example, if ten is beyond your soul’s budget, then you’ll be better served to choose less than ten for the time being.

Does the Decor, Layout & Size Work For You?

Functionally, the layout and size of your house, fixtures, appliances and grounds will serve your soul’s purpose in your Soul’s Home®. The decor & colors will feed your soul.

Similar to determining your preferred building type, you’ll want to rate your preference for the design and then weigh them against the other ingredients.

How Does Your Health Relate to Your Home?

Poor health can impact your ability to create your Soul’s Home® or your home may have conditions that create poor health.

The movement toward green homes is not only to conserve resources but also to ensure that our homes promote good health. Homes with issues that cause health problems obviously are not Soul’s Homes® for anyone unless and until the conditions are fixed. But if a household member has a serious health issue that is unrelated to conditions in the home, it’d be understandable if creating or maintaining a Soul’s Home® takes a back seat to the priority of nursing that member back to health.

Is Your House Safe?

In its most basic form, the purpose of a home is to provide shelter from the elements and wild animals.

In most U.S. areas, safety is taken for granted or easily purchased with a security system. Unfortunately, those in war torn, crime-ridden, or natural disaster areas lack a Soul’s Home®. In addition to physical safety, a Soul’s Home® will provide emotional safety for all household members.

Does Your Culture or Religion Require Special Home Features?

Cultural and religious practices or tradition may be an important component to your Soul’s Home®.

For example, some who practice Judaism require a separate kosher kitchen while those practicing Buddhism may have a separate shrine for meditation. Similarly, cultural backgrounds may require homes to accommodate multiple generations or include décor and layouts in tune with the household member’s culture but uncommon among American homes.


The concept of Feng Shui, to place things so they positively affect your energy flow is important to living in one’s Soul’s Home®.

The most practical and impactful first step is to de-clutter and organize your home. While this may sound simple, if for you this is an overwhelming challenge, no worries – it may not be time for you to focus on this. When you’re inspired, do not be afraid to call on help. If your home is not your Soul’s Home® in other respects, neatness will likely make it your Soul’s Home® more than any other element, while disorganization and clutter can turn a home that could be your Soul’s Home® into anything but.

Need Help Knowing Where to Start?