Not Sure if You Should Stay or Go?

You had good reasons for wanting your home when you moved in.

What were they?

Never mind. It doesn’t matter now.

The fact is, your home just doesn’t feel right for you now.

It’s a great place and you feel bad for not appreciating it more because it really isn’t that bad. People even envy where you live.

But still, you find yourself wondering if it’s time for you to move on.

You wonder if a move is necessary or if it’s better to stay and maybe change the house in some way.

You’ve imagined yourself on HGTV receiving a home make over and living happily ever after.

“Oh!” But you wonder,

“Is it even the house? Maybe it’s me? Maybe there’s something bothering me that can’t be solved by moving or renovating.”

You’d never want to spend that kind of money AND THEN find out the house wasn’t even the problem.

Enter Stage Right: Suzanne Hanger, Your Broker with a Side of Soul℠.

I use a spiritual approach that gives you clarity before you make a move.

The foundation of my work is the belief that everyone has a purpose and that if we all lived our purpose we’d have peace and harmony throughout the World.

I start my work by understanding your soul’s purpose.

“Oh – What’s that?”

You’re not sure what your soul’s purpose is?

No worries. That’s very common!

My gift is that I’m able to hear the quiet voice of your soul and amplify it so you can hear it too.

Once we understand your soul’s purpose, we’ll know which of the 10 Soul’s Home® ingredients you need to feed your Soul.

Then we’ll look at your home to see if it has the ingredients you need.

I use this information to develop your Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan so we can see clearly what your soul is calling you to do about your home.

Your Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan will make it clear if your soul is calling you to go or stay.

Your plan may lead you to buy and/or sell a home. If it does, we’ll continue to ask for guidance from your soul throughout the home buying/selling process.

Otherwise, your plan could reveal a spiritual purpose for staying in your current home and lead you to actions other than buying/selling a home.

Some of the plans I’ve developed led my clients to:

Marry a long time domestic partner.

Take a four month sabbatical to explore other areas he’d always dreamed of moving to.

Purge items that no longer serve the Soul.

Redecorate after a divorce.

Get their finances in order.

All of these clients will buy or sell a home eventually, but while they thought it was time to move then, their soul was calling them to do something entirely different.

If you need help deciding if you should stay or go let’s talk to see if a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan is right for you.

Still have questions?

Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan FAQs

What is the purpose of Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan?

The purpose of the Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan is to gain clarity on the Soul’s Home® ingredients you need to feed your soul and identify whether or not your soul is calling you to move or stay in your current home. The plan will reveal the spiritual purpose for you either remaining or making a move.

What can I expect during the Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan?

First, you’ll answer questions on-line designed to identify the areas that are most important for us to discuss. It’ll take you 30 – 90 minutes depending upon how much you’d like to think or elaborate on each question. I’ll review your answers to determine which areas to explore further with you. Then we’ll meet in your home for a soul-to-soul conversation for about two hours. You’ll give me a tour of your home to show me what you like and don’t like. By the end of our visit, you’ll have clarity on what your soul is calling you to do next and what your soul needs most. I’ll meditate about our session and provide you with more information about a week after we meet.

Is there a fee for Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan?

If you are outside the DC Metro area and/or not ready to sign a brokerage agreement with me, the fee is $399.
If you sign a Buyer Broker or Listing Agreement with me, there is no fee unless you terminate our agreement early.

Can you do a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan over the phone or video chat?

If you live out of the DC area, we can video chat.

Does my significant other have to do the Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan with me?

Yes, if you are a Brokerage client planning to move with your significant other.
No, if you are hiring me to help you decide if you should stay or to make a referral out of my service area.

I’d like my children to participate too. Is that possible?

For Brokerage clients, I meet with the parents first. From there, we decide how and when to involve any children.

I’m already working with another Realtor® in the DC area. Can I hire you to do a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan and to coordinate with my Realtor®?

If you have an active brokerage agreement with another agent, I can’t do a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan as this could be seen as a violation of the Realtor’s Code of Ethics.
You may purchase the Soul’s Home® Alignment DIY to help you clarify your needs and share it with your agent.

Since I don’t live in the DC area, would you be willing to do a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan for me and coordinate with a Realtor® in my area?

Yes. For more information click here.

Can I just hire you as my Realtor and skip the Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan?

Been there. Done that. It hasn’t worked well for my clients or me. So, now I start all transactions with a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan. This process increases the likelihood that your soul will be the guide. While the soul work can be intense, it typically simplifies and solidifies the real estate transactional work making life easier for you in the long run.

Can I hire you to do a Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan even if I know I won’t be buying or selling a home anytime soon?

Yes. Click Here to schedule.