Longing for “Home”?

Follow these steps to your Soul’s Home®

Step 1: Hear Your Soul

We’ll start by using the Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan to get clarity about where your soul wants you to be and how to get there.

We’ll do “soul sessions” throughout the process whenever we feel stuck and in between each step.

Step 2: Align Money and Soul

Let’s talk about money.

We won’t just take the sales price the bank says you can afford and call it a day.

We may lower that number to be sure your home costs will leave you enough to feed your soul in other ways.

But never fear – I’m confident we can find your Soul’s Home® within your soul’s budget.

Step 3: Set Intentions

We’ll check in with your soul to set intentions for the house, timing and logistics.

The Soul’s Home® Alignment Plan will guide us to the most important ingredients for feeding your soul.

To fine tune your vision, we’ll explore possible homes and communities.

Step 4: The Hunt

When the timing is right and vision is clear we’re ready to let your soul lead us to your Soul’s Home®.

As we tour each home, we’ll tune into your soul for feedback until we hit the nail on the head.

Step 5: Soulful Negotiations

When you’ve found your Soul’s Home®, I’ll contact the Seller’s agent to get any helpful information for crafting an offer. We’ll consider pro’s and con’s of potential offer terms in the context of your soul’s needs, the Seller’s needs and current market data.

The decisions are yours.  My job is to make sure you understand the possible ramifications of each decision and help you tune into your soul’s guidance. My style is to find win-win solutions via understanding both sides.


Ultimately, the goal of the negotiation is to get you your Soul’s Home®.  

Step 6: Soul Moves℠

Even after you have a contract, buying a home can be a complicated and stressful process.

In addition to the standard technology and consistent follow up that Realtor’s® use to simplify the process for you, we’ll continually check in with your soul for guidance on how to remain in your Soul’s flow.

The paperwork, tasks and decisions may feel overwhelming at times but I’ll be with you every step towards that happy day when you have the keys to your Soul’s Home®.

Need help finding a home that touches your soul? I’d love to hear about you!

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